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TheCarson's know, Jacob of course... This case has gone from Phoenix PD,to FBI, to Santa Fe PD, and now to the RCMP in Vancouver. I doubt thisguy is...going to get far... Not bad timing wise, the authorities havehim in their sights within a couple days. I have to monitor Amber'scomputer use - to see if there is some other way they are communicating.If she creates a new email account and knows his or some other way tocontact him - well we might not be out of the woods yet."Yes, they know who. The decor is Ikea chique, though the furniture they’ve chosen is more warm than industrial. Check in breezes by quickly and efficiently with the receptionist speaking perfect English. Leo somehow manages to finagle a private room for the two of us and we climb another set of stairs to the third floor. The electronic key card pings as I turn the knob and enter the room, Leo close on my heels. A real, honest to God queen-sized bed winks at me from the center of the room set beneath open windows. When Emily returned from the shower, she had changed into a red tank top with her butt, belly and furry pussy fully exposed. She planted herself in front of Mason, posing with her arms raised and hands behind her head in a position of surrender, and asked, “Do you think I should shave my pussy?”Mason was surprised both with her presentation and question and blushed; even the tips of his ears turned a deep pink, and he suddenly had to cross his legs. Still, he felt the need to study her bushy. Bryce had dreamed of this moment for two months. The reality of this finally happening, however, had never entered his mind. Over the past eight weeks, he had witnessed what a stud Vincent was and his perspective about men had been totally altered.The way that Vincent had floored Rob when Bryce felt sure that he was about to get fucked-up, had impressed him beyond words. Vincent was more of a man than Bryce had ever imagined and that above all, excited him unbelievably. Naturally, Vincent’s.
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