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“Let’s think about it for the five minutes that are left, shall we?”For the next five minutes, Liz continued to wank Kim’s Vaseline covered co...k as fast as she could while Lorraine and Sally smacked his balls with the whips harder and faster. Kim gritted his teeth and held his breath because, although he wanted so desperately to cum, he also wanted to show the friends that he could withstand what they were doing to him.In truth, he wanted to cum badly not only because his body screamed out for. I began to feel the cramps in my intestines, and told him so. He found my clit with his thumb and finger and began to take my mind off of the discomfort. With an orgasm building, I was afraid I would lose it and expel right where I stood. He stopped me right on the edge, and let me settle down while massaging my cramping tummy. Three or four more time he did the same thing, each time building up to a climax, but never reaching it. Finally he said he would remove the butt plug, but I wasn't to. "Yes of course," I replied enthusiastically. "I'm still in bed today butI should be feeling a lot less pain or discomfort by Wednesday given mycurrent rate of progress." That sounds good then," he said. "I'll give you a call or a textbeforehand to let you know when I'm due to arrive." Thanks that would be great," I replied giving him Marcy's address.When Marcy called again about thirty minutes later she was surprised tohear that Jake wanted to pay a visit to see me again so soon."I think he has. Mike entered the living room and found his one and only where he’d left her. Janet was sprawled out on the sofa, reading. She lowered her book and looked up as he entered.“It’s almost lunch time. I’ll have a BLT and a lime squash. Make something for yourself too.”“Of course, Mistress” he said with a slight bow.“Is the ironing done?”“Yes, I just finished.”“Good, then you’re almost done with your chores. How does a nice, long afternoon pegging sound?”“That sounds wonderful, my Queen.”“But we.
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