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Her body crumpled back down to the floor and she was forced to give up trying. "Damnit girl, you're really testing me tonight." He reached over the ed...e of the bed and pulled her up next to him. He could feel her body shaking. The bed was a twisted mess of blankets and pillows, scattered every which way from their recent bacchanalia. Trying to make some sense of the confusion, he managed to pull part of a blanket over her before turning over to sleep. She was still shivering, not from the cold. She gasps, immediately knowing what had happened, yet to her surprise she didn’t feel ashamed, it turns her on.It doesn’t take her long to notice his cock, it’s only half-erect, still, it’s certainly of a size that made her pussy tingle. She gulps, thinking about what she wants to do, something she had fantasized about only in her darkest dreams. Her trembling hand gently strokes his cock, he lets out a small whine and she watches with bulging eyes as it grows, swelling to an impressive size. Sie erstarrte, nicht fähig, einen Muskel zu rühren.Langsam glitten kühle Finger von hinten unter ihre Bluse, und immer noch konnte sie sich nicht aus ihrer Trance reissen. Sie wusste wer hinter ihr stand, aus den Augenwinkeln hatte sie den Fremden ins Abteil zurückkehren sehen.Und nun war er dabei, über sie herzufallen, "vergewaltigt im Zug", so stand es in den Zeitungen, und kein Mensch war in der Nähe, der Schaffner würde sich bis Weilheim nicht mehr sehen lassen, draussen war es. I'm so deep in his ass that it's really tight. Every thrust feels incredible. I'm not sure if it's his moans, but I'm always surprised by how much I end up cumming in his ass.Afterward, I pull out and clean off my cock, but he just lays there for a bit. His eyes are half-open, and it looks like he's in pure bliss. Whenever I stick around, he waits a little bit, flips over, and starts to jack off. Apparently his ass can still feel the aftershocks from when I fucked him. He also likes to try and.
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