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I can't begin to tell you the amazement I felt at this moment. I have been a closeted bi man for the last several years, and have a hidden oral fixati...n for big cocks, especially black cocks. Never have I told another woman this, nor does anyone in my life know of my hidden pleasure. I began to lick her juices off this black dildo, and then, my innate instinct took over, and beyond any knowledge, I began to suck on it, as if it was a real cock. This apparently turned her on so much; she came. ‘I’m in the bedroom,’ I call out, my voice shaking a little, but not to much. He walks in and he looks at me, sitting on the bed, waiting for the news which I already know. There is no cure. I’m going to die in 4 months. I remember a time when we used to be happy, me and John. It was effortless, like breathing. He just had to be in the same room as me, and my whole world would become brighter and better. We had been together for about 2 years before I found out, dating ever since we left. We obliged as she turned over and layed on her back as the three of us began wanking harder and harder; the young man cum first he showered her tits with spurts of creamy liquid, she fucking loved it; both myself and the half-brother continued masturbating ... I couldn't wait any longer and cried out "Fuck it, I'm cumming!" ... I nudged my cock towards her open mouth and I shot my load over her face and lips ... she sucked on it too, draining the last drop out of my cock; her half-brother. “Nothing Yumi, Nothing,” I walked by her and down the steps. Although I know it’s wrong, deep inside me, I knew I wanted her, I just knew it. Now, I thought, I can only look forward to our trip to do anything… “drastic,” very drastic.After dinner, our parents told us to sleep immediately, since we’re going to be leaving bright and early. After showering, I quickly got dressed into my PJs and crawled into bed. As I laid in bed, thinking about what happened earlier, slowly I feel my erotic.
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