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Time flew by and before I knew it the dreaded day had arrived. I hadtried to catch Bobby's eye to warn him, but we were in different wingsof the schoo... of course, and he was so busy all the time, it just neverhappened.So the girls made me wash extra hard "to get rid of the boy stink" theysaid. Then they put some girl deodorant on me, and even some femininespray perfume product between my legs, which was disgusting. I did notneed to shave because there was nothing to shave, not even peach. ”Her eyes widened and I thought for a moment, she might actually hit me. Then she shook her head and walked away.Emma, Zoe and Tricia came up to me, wide-eyed. “Did you just...” Emma started.“Yup.”“With Hanna? The man-hating trainer?” Zoe whispered.“I sure did.”“What are you gonna do to her?” Tricia wanted to know.“Make her say that safeword,” I said confidently.“You think you can?” Zoe said skeptically.I smiled and thought about what I had at my disposal. “I can make a dog sing like a canary. My favorite was still the facial, but now it was a big black dick cumming all over a pretty white face.While going to college, I saw black guys pretty much get their pick of the litter with the hot white women around campus, what with the football team, basketball team, etc. I had a few girlfriends, and everything was pretty much normal, but you couldn't help but notice that the best looking girls around the school were all with black guys, mostly athletes. And I couldn't help but think of. Bennie and Tim could see that Miss Appleton was perspiring heavily even though it was not at all warm in the classroom.The twins lingered after the others had gone, and then flanked their languishing teacher as she prepared to leave the room."I... I think I must go down to the cafeteria, boys, for some fruit juice..." Alice stammered. Her tongue felt thick and the cafeteria was the closest place to get something fast."We'll go with you, Miss Appleton!" the boys volunteered, and Alice let them.
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