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Ek katay khash!!! Aamar lingo tatakkhany garam hoye dariye gechhe. Lingo muthoy dhare samne-pechane kara shuru korlaam. Pechan theke mayer pachha, uru... komorer shobha aar dressing table’r aainai dekha jachhe dabka buk aar haalka chule dhaka gud mane bhoda (jonee). Gaamchha diye ma bhalo kore pachha, chul, bagal muchhte laglo. Er por gaamchha deye gud (jonee) khub bhalo kore muchhlo. Ekta perfume spray korlo sharirer bibhonno jaygay. Ware-drob er dike egiye gelo ma. Oh aami ki drissho dekhchhi!. While young Britney was unable to hear, Mark put Sarah in her altered state and asked, “Is Britney ready to be given her final dose?”“Yes sir. I have gotten her ready just like you instructed me to do,” Sarah said, unconcerned. The fact that she was delivering her best friend to be sexually abused and used as a sex object by grown men for their sexual gratification and pleasure, due to her programing, actually excited her.When Sarah came back into the bedroom, she had two soft drinks and gave. She looked very shy at the moment. "I felt you getting bigger, thicker. And I was very hot, Rich, very, very hot. I've never done that before, never. It's important that you understand that. It's important to me that you are the first one I've... sucked off."He grinned. "Then it was okay, Mom?"Roxie could not resist a little giggle, squirming her naked ass on the floor. "So far, I love it. You surprised me with what you want to do to me, though." Then it's okay if I come in your mouth?"Roxie's. He licks off all his cum and swallows it. Oh my, this is so damm hot! Then he puts his cock back in his jeans, zips up and leaves. What a bummer. I'm left standing there with my pecker at full stand. Oh well, it gives me something to play with when I get back on the road.PISSER PATIENCE PAYS OFF When I went to the library washroom today,it was empty. I stood at the middle urinal and waited.... and waited......and waited. After 3 or 4 minutes, a guy comes in, but he goes to a stall.Finally my.
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