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I kept getting a vague sense of Sandi attempting to direct the discussion somehow, but then Suzi would redirect it, frustrating her. This interplay be...ame amusing to me when I realized these two alpha females were doing it completely subconsciously. Brook, rather than competing with them, seemed to subconsciously help Suzi for the most part, but only when it appealed to her own pleasures. Joey, Brad and I just went with the flow.Despite the minor frustrations she felt, Sandi was enjoying taking. Every little detail. By the way, happy 18th birthday!” Paige didn’t say a thing, so Ava went on: “Let’s just face it, Paige. We did kidnap you. But it’s not… A regular kidnap, we’re not bad people. At least not that bad. Look, we want something from you, but unlike normal kidnappings, it’s not money. Look around you, we’ve got plenty of that. No, we want something else. We want… Are you cold?”Paige forgot about her idea to ignore every question, and immediately answered positive. “I like her. We had to dash across the common room of my suite and into the bathroom. As it happens, one of my upstairs roommates was home and ascending the steps. I think she saw us, blinking confusedly as I followed Heather into the shower. I felt my dick grow harder again.With the door shut behind us, I pulled Heather's towel off of her and she stepped in after me. The shower itself was tiny. There was nowhere for us to be but on top of one another. My cock rubbed across her belly and I pulled her into a. “How could those goddamn idiots actually think that this is fair or right? Seriously? I wish I could shit on their cars or something.”Corinne laughed. “I love it that you are this upset for me, Mattie, but please let it go. It’s not worth getting upset over. If there was a way to get back at them, and show them that they don’t matter, I would be all over it. But, I guess we just have to settle for letting them continue to be deluded by thinking their pathetic little games matter.”“I wish I.
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