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I’m not sure that I know you anymore, and I definitely don’t know how you feel about his offer. I don’t even know what my role would be, but I�...m not willing to let you whore yourself out to Naresh for less than twenty thousand dollars a year.”I winked at Brit when Naresh looked away, so she would know that I was just negotiating with him. Then she stated sobbing and said, “I’m so sorry, honey, but we were in the office that night and it just happened. Naresh had his cock out right next to me,. The rule is he can ask me anything. We can talk about anything. And, he understood that I would give him the straight skinny. Or, at worst, tell him why it wasn’t something I could talk about with him. That rarely happened and only when it involved a sensitive case I was working on.Other than that, no matter how personal, how embarrassing, it was open season.“Winter, is it okay to like sex? A lot?”Uh oh.“Come sit beside me. So, sex.”He snuggled in next to me and I put his arm around my. She leaned over and whispered in Robert’s ear for a minute. As he listened, Robert glanced at Ed with puzzlement on his face. After she was finished, Robert said, “I will talk to them about that.”Frowning, Ed said, “Let the past lie as it is. Everyone has a mistake or two that they’ve made in the past and, if we are lucky, we can get over them. It’s how we live today that is important.”The discussion was interrupted when the news reporter came over to the table. He asked, “Are you Ed. Amanda's body shook, she screamed out in pleasure, and her pelvic muscles convulsed. I felt the heat of her orgasm wash over my cock."Yessss! Oh fuck... fuck yeah, yessss!" Amanda moaned loudly as she quaked with a lasting climax. Every convulsion squeezed tightly on the base of my cock as I thrust.She looked up at me as I grunted loudly. "No way, are you going to cum again? Yes, do it... cum baby!"I answered with a loud groan as I came yet again. It was a much smaller amount of cum due.
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