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I hadn't formulated any proper strategy of how I was going to do this, hence decided to follow my instincts.We had just returned from the airfield, wh...n my mother suddenly burst out crying. She fell into my arms weeping on my shoulders. Pulling her closer to myself I started caressing her back and found she was without any bra. "Calm down mom, its part of life. I now you must be sad but still you've got me." As I said this, I gripped her tightly pushing her boobs against my chest. I felt them. More or less, she really just wanted to be away from her family, the small town and let loose. Go out and party and not have a care if anyone is going to see her and have it all over the town the next day. She was 21 now, she needed... wanted to go and party.She really needed to get away from her parents, her dad being the big business man and her mom an author, Chase and Jordan Walker, quiet the famous couple; everyone says so. It never made much sense to Tay why they moved from the big city. My mother was angry. Marianne picked that moment to tell her. "Mother, I am engaged to Tom." She held her hand out with the ring showing. She was smiling.Mother said, "That's tiny. If Tom can't do any better than that, he won't be able to support you either. I do not approve. If you wish to live here, that ring has to go and the foolishness of marrying him ends."Marianne said, "I'm sorry you feel that way. I will go pack. Tom will come get me." She left the den calling Tom on her phone. It was. I don’t see those as limited by a special rule.”“But you and I have sex?”“And I love it and I love you. Dale is fine with it, and you told me you were, as well. Is that changing? If it is, I can redefine my relationship with you to exclude sex.”“NO!” Susan instantly complained. “That’s not my concern at all. I’m just using you to see where you have boundaries. I feel mine are still in motion and a state of flux, and I’m still looking at where they are and what I want to do.”“Are you sure moving.
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