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Appadiye oru mutham kuduthu ennathu udambil mutham kuduka aaramithaal. Methuvaaga enathu poolai sappi gadapaaraiyai pol aakitivitu. “ipo ivar ready�...� enru sirithal. Than kizhe paduthu kondu ennai mele vara sonnaal. Methuvaaga enathu poolai pidithu thanathu koodhiyidam veithu “intha mundayoda koodhi kulla vidu da” enral. Naanum medhuvaaga ulle thallinen. Nanru eeramana kaarathinaal paadhi pool easy aaga ulle senrathu…iruvaarum “aaaah..” enru munaginom.piragu veliye eduthu medhuvaga ulle ulle. Her brows furrowed with concern, not knowing what to expect next. She had been grateful for the respite while the rest of us had been playing but now she sensed herself, once more the centre of attention. I decided we had seen enough meanness for a while and I her a piece of fruit, dangling it in front of her face. I tried to be as unthreatening as possible. She leaned forward and opened her mouth and took it. She bit into it fiercely. The poor girl was obviously ravenous. I fed her more. Julie says, “Well, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” They meet each other in the middle of the room and start kissing. This is when I realize that it is so hot to watch my wife kiss another woman! This kiss is very long as they are also exploring each other with their hands. My wife is rubbing Julie’s breasts over her shirt and Julie has a handful of my wife’s ass. My wife then slides her hands down to the button on Julie’s jeans and unbuttons them and slides the zipper down. My wife slides. Wilson was going to tell her to be naked which she was always going to find humiliating in front of Lucy. Of course, they had seen each other's naked bodies in the showers at college, but that was several months ago now. Having Ella there wasn’t a problem as they made out together all of the time and knew every inch of each other's bodies.Knowing she had to get undressed, Camilla crossed her arms in front of her and pulled her vest top up and over her head, folded it and put it on another.
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