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She pushed me off of her, grabbing a fistful of my hair as she threw me onto the bed on all fours as she drew her hand back and smacked my ass. "Oooh,... I whimpered out as my body jumped with the smack. She did it over and over again until I wasn't whimpering anymore, but almost crying. "Your a dirty little slut, aren't you?" she demaneded to know as she yanked on my blonde locks, pulling my head back."Y-y-yes," I muttered out as she popped the string to my g-string, pulling them down over my. I can't fail. Thinking about cumming in a public place was getting me very horny and wet. I was not wearing any bra and panties today - because that's what I had been ordered to do by my mistress, and I would never disobey her orders. I made an excuse to my friends and headed towards the restroom. When I entered, the ladies room was empty. It was not a very crowded place today, so it certainly was a lucky day. I was little relieved; very excited and couldn't wait much longer. I dropped down my. She slapped the ruler into her palm a few times for emphasis and stared directly at Casey with a malicious smile. ?Oh yeah, Kelly,? she added casually, ?Mr. Pierson wants to see you in his office immediately. Chop chop!? Sherrie snapped the little ruler hard on her ass and cackled like a witch as Casey began a reluctant walk to Pierson’s office. Why would he want to see me, she wondered? He’s already ruined my life! She only wanted to go home and crawl into bed forever and try to forget the. I didn't mind having people witness Straightboy sucking my dick atall. I won't lead you on--no one woke up, unfortunately.He pulled his mouth off and came back up, jerking my spit-slick dick in hishand. "Hey, man..." he trailed off. "I want you to fuck me."I was certain he had said "I want to fuck you," but no, I had heard himcorrectly. "What?" I asked anyway."No offense, man. I'm sure your ass is nice, but I've fucked plenty ofpussy and I've had more than one chick let me fuck her in the ass..
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