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.I tries to reach her ass lining…..and simultaneously moved my lips towards hers…….but she suddenly backed off…… was about 2 minutes…�...�.She was angry now and demanded my dad’s number……..Now this was trouble……Me: Plzz ma’am,,,,,,i’m sorry for everything……Rani:I dont need ur explanation ….let me talk to ur dad……Nearly crying….i gave her number…….She dialed….and started talking(Rani’s part)Rani:hello??am i speaking to Anand’s dad?ohh………sir…i’m Anand’s chemistry miss…….Anand is pretty weak in. That first day, when she wore the bikini for me, and showed me her breasts, and jerked me off, she was ovulating. That's why she got so wild, and did all that, or at least that's what she claimed later.She ovulated two more times before I went back to school, and neither of us knew why, both times, she went a little wild.Normally, when I went over, there was a casual atmosphere that was flirty, and light and fun. We didn't ignore each other sexually, but we didn't push things either.Then one. “Enjoy,” she said to Stacia and then looked at me. “Hope to see you at the pool party tomorrow.”Between the jaw-dropping sight of Bethany, the various feelings of Stacia, and the idea of a pool party in the dead of winter, my brain was having difficulty comprehending. My eyebrows rose. “Pool party?”She winked. “Oh, yes.” She said, watching Stacia ease up and down on my lap. “I want to know just how deep that monster of yours goes.”I didn’t understand why, but I couldn’t seem to peel my eyes. For all his good press, Brock Maitland was, essentially, a big fish in a small pond. The Chrétien Group was global, and their balance sheet reflected it. I knew; I had assiduously tracked the conglomerate’s earnings in my former life. Apparently, my hard work had factored into Brock’s decision to solicit Jean-Claude’s business. Jean-Claude and I had only been together twice; three times, if you counted our late-night ‘introduction’. The way he was treating me, the things he was saying, the look.
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