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Since hertransformation it had become one of her favorite movies. She loved howthe character Elle Woods matured in the movie. Elle went from being a...retty girl that no one, including herself took seriously. She gotstronger when she decided to take herself and academics seriously. Ellebecame a sharp lawyer, who was afraid of no one, but still retained herfemininity, charm, style, and beauty. Each time Gina watched the movieShe identified more and more with Elle.The incident with Murcer had. I'd just been lucky in choosing my career path. I hadn't had to study much and the computer field was wide enough that being a 'techie' really amounted to being able to follow logic and dealing with people. There was the fascination with my Aikido training, my family and then the idea that there was not a lot of time for much else. Sara told me off for being unnecessarily modest. She grilled me for details about the work I did and was determined to know about Maggie and the kids. She felt it. She said it was her lunch break so she locked the front door so that I could do my thing and not be disturbed.Julie than asked me if I wanted to help her with trying on the items she had brought to me and I quickly accepted the offer. By now the little red thong was having a hard time holding in my exictement. Julie helped me with the bra first, snapping it on for me, then the blouse, and finally one of the short skirts. She was behind me the whole time and I could see through the mirror in. I'm so sorry Honey. I can't believe he didn't know you used to date though. I wonder why he got so upset over those old pictures?"Well, now I knew why Roxie had been so nasty to me back then. I guess I could understand her feelings. I wrapped her in my arms and told her it was ok. "Honey, I love you. I am nice to Janice because she is your sister, heck, I suppose I even like her ok but we could never be more than that. We are like oil and water and you know it. We just don't get along that.
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