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She wondered how his cock would feel between her tits. She dropped her hands self-consciously to the counter, but he just smiled at her, even wider th...n before. “I knew you’d be into tit-fucking. Most open-minded women are, I find. So if I see that this open-minded woman I’ve found has, shall we say, fulfilled the first requirement, then I can move on to the second. Again, let’s take you as an example. Moving on from your impressive breasts, I would turn my attention somewhat lower, to find,. When she came back I could see that her bra was missing and could clearly see her nipples. Later, I went to the washroom and to my surprise, her bra was still there. I took that bra and smelt it and it was just heaven. My tool was rock hard by now. I went out and she noticed my erection but didn’t say anything.We started playing a game of confessions and I told her that I was in a relationship with 4 people. Next, she confessed that she had tried alcohol and hookah. Then, the real game began. I. “Were they trying to figure out a way to ask me to leave?”. Before long, the girls emerged from the bathroom. They had both changed into their pajamas. Both of them had flannel pajamas on. They both got on the bed and turned on the tv. My mind was racing. I didn’t know what to do next. I needed to do something if I wanted any hopes of this threesome happening. The pressure became too much and I just stood up. “I have to go”, I said. “Give me a ring if you guys want to hang out tomorrow”. I. ” I said sitting down on the old fallen tree, worn smooth from many years of weather, and from many other hikers resting their butts on it like I was.“A good spot for what?” Danny asked.I just smiled seductively at him. “You’ve been looking at my tits, haven’t you,” I said, squeezing and pulling on my big erect nipples through the thin beach cover-up.“Yes.” He said shyly, watching my hands work.“Yeah? Do you want to touch ‘em? Do you want to play with mommy's tits? I’ll let you if you want.
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