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Not sure if she recognizes me or not, but if she does, I'm glad I've shaved and dressed nicely, business casual, for my meetings today. She peeks at h...r phone and gives it a swipe, but doesn't pay more attention to it than what's going on around her, including another glance my way. Now that I have a better look, I'm pretty sure she's Japanese.As we exit the elevator, I motion for her to go before me. She is quite classy, dressed in a simple crisp white blouse, dark charcoal skirt that ends. Finally, I thought to look at the man who had done this horrible thing to me and my Shellie. This idiot animal who had destroyed me. As I went around my car to see if he was hurt I saw him slumped still in behind the wheel moaning. What I saw next was the cause of all this. On the seat and on the floor boards were at least a dozen empty beer cans, and next to him a still open half pint of whiskey. My blood ran cold. This was not a traffic “accident”. This was homicide. As a Law Enforcement. Then one day my older sister was home and we were playing on the family computer, this was just when AOL was new and my sister who was kind of dirty and getting into trouble would look up pictures of porn and make me look at them. We saw a few pictures of a women with a dildo and my sister told me that she had found one in our moms room.We went into her room together and she showed me the drawer that my mom hid her dildos. They were tucked in the bottom of a drawer and wrapped in a towel.My. A couple of days later, I was sitting on my front stepwith the note in my hand, crying like a baby when myneighbor, Irene, came over to see why I was in tears.We weren’t really friendly but always said hello andsometimes made small talk, but it was a shoulder to cryon, so I told her what happened. She let me pour myheart out to her for which I was very grateful and gaveme the attention I needed most right then, the factsomebody cared about my life. She wrapped her armsaround me and.
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