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“Sorry.” John replied, hands raised. “I’m looking for someone else.”“Beg on.” The man scowled. “Ori willcall annad juticator.”John s...un around, and retreated with the door booming closed behind him.Before too many turns later, he found a door with English characters in the center, spelling ‘ADAM’.“Adam! Open up, it’s John!” He shouted, hammering on the metal with both hands.A few moments later, it jerked back and his Djinn-faced friend stuck his head out of the opening.“Hey! Uh, isn’t this. . I’m gonna love pegging that! Trust me, honey, this will be fun for both of us. I might even have others peg it ... and even some men bugger you if they wish it. Thank you, sweetie ... this is the best gift that you’ve ever given me. I’m gonna own this sweet ass and have so much fun with it! As to the dick and balls, yes, I wouldn’t dream of monopolizing it! Even a submissive fuck pig has his day now and then ... so maybe you’ll win your bet with her, perhaps not, but either way, it’s gonna be. Aanal enaku vinthu varamal irunthathu, teacher kuthiyil vinthu vanthathum aval atharku mel ooka vilai poolai veliyil eduthu vitu vitaal. Ennai paarthu thirumbi ennai kiss seithu sapinaal.Naan teacher enaku innum vinthu vara vilai konjam neengal oombi vidugureergala endru keten? Teacher unakaaga ena vendumanalum seiven da chelam endru soli kutha vaithu en poolai oombinaargal. Sirithu nerathil enaku vinthu varum sugam vanthathu, naan sunniyai vaaikul irunthu eduthu vegamaaga adithu teacher. I was just getting a good rhythm going with all three cocks when a knock was at the door. Bill says that’s ok, I will get it he answers the door and it is three more of the guys. He tells them Tom had to run down to the store and we are waiting for him in the living room. He brings them in and one of them says yes it looks like you guys are waiting for him. One of the guys says who is this Bill tells them this is Toms wife Tina and she loves to be fucked, just tell her she has nice lips and you.
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