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He said that he wanted to take rupali along but being a period for 4 months no one will give them a place on rent in pune and hence he will have to st...y alone in company’s hostel. ‘I said that send rupali to her mother’s place or to his parents till that time, He said that both their families stay in village where she can’t stay for much longer time else people would start talking about their relation. Rakesh told me that rupali will be staying here in hyd but being a good friend of them I need. Aur usse maine peeth ke bal leta diya aur lagaya uski gaand pe apna thuuk..woh has has ke machal rahi thi.par maine uske dono haatho ko peeche se pakad rakha tha.thuuk laga ke maine uske gaand mein pehle ungi di,fir 2 ungli di,jabUska machalna thoda kam hua toh maine lund andar pale na shura kiya.jaise hi mere lund ka supada andar gaya,woh cheekhi”ohh god main mar jaungii.plz mat karo “maine kahan 2 min karwa lo bas.karte karte maine apna lund uski gaand mein de diya,aur dheere dheere hilaya.ab. It felt so good to see the lipstick rings on her breast.beth started to moan.and andi heidi and reece hopped on the bed an started to play.reece said "hey girls look at deidre licking beth boobs.they all were giggling.beth pulled up her skirt and pulled her thong to the side all the girls were telling me to give her i slid down beth's body i came face to face with a 7" i looked up the girls were all smiling.urging me on.i couldn't believe my luck,not sure what to do,i asked. " Karen had taught Pamela the triggers she could use to release Melanie's original personality, though Melanie didn't know that Pamela had been given those keys.What would happen when she was released was yet another question. Would Melanie be truly healed? Or would she seek vengeance yet again on those she imagined had wronged her? 'We'll have to jump off that bridge when we get to it,' Pamela thought.*** *** ***Suddenly, Pamela was shaken from her reverie by cold water droplets falling.
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