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.. please ... someone fuck my ass..."Roxanne watched the screen with growing horror. She was hardly recognizable in the video. The camera was stationa...y, as if someone had set it down on the arm of a chair, centered on the action.A man was underneath Roxanne. She was straddling his cock. His face was just outside of the view of the camera. Her face, on the other hand, was quite visible. Her mouth, her chin, and her neck were coated in cum. Her dark hair was still tied up in the cute little. I held my breath, turning the handle to Jake's room. I pushed the door open a couple of inches, listening in the darkness. Jake was not snoring, but the room was dark. I listened closer, trying to hear movement of any kind. Maybe Jake was masturbating, thinking of mommy. I bet I crossed his mind. Did he want to fuck me? Would he eat my pussy? God, what if he thought my body was gross? What if he did not want me? My mind took control of my body. I slowly pulled the door closed, moving quickly. Wiry. He wore just a cloth kilt, red, leaving his well muscled chest bare. And his back. Often she had stared at Far's back as the soldier did some work on behalf of her or her sister. Often she had tried to understand her feelings as she watched him. Thought of him. Dreamed of him.Far turned to her, head bowing."Your Highness." Catty," she said, biting her lower lip. "Please. I'm not a Queen, not..." She couldn't say "not with you". Couldn't because she did not know what that would mean. Why. I walked upstairs lazily; tired from a long day at work. I took off my suit and took a shower to relax myself. When I finally came out my son, Jason, wasn't home yet .I got curious I walked into Jason's room with my towel wrapped around me. I found a pair of dirty boxers on the floor and picked them up and smelled the scent of my son. It was musky . I wondered what made Jason's boxers smell like this. I noticed my cock was fully hard I sat on Jason's bed unwrapped my towel took Jason's boxers.
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