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I soon discovered Cragslist, which I would use to arouse myself looking at the wanted ads in the casual encounters section. I found myself own sexuality, and considering the possibility of gay sex. I eventually went down to the sex shop and got a thick 10 inch dildo which I would shove up my virgin ass once a week or so and cum almost instantly. Although I enjoyed the sensation of a cock inside me, it was not my preference, as I tend to prefer the dominant aspect of sexual. 'Now touch your toes.' I chose a wicked paddle made of stiff leather with a pattern of tiny holes, and had made my ass sting for days.I swung back, a wide, full arc, and with a loud Crack! the leather connected with Jeff's backside. He howled and leapt at least a foot in the air. 'Jesus,' he groaned, hands busy trying to cool the fire. 'Okay, I've learned my lesson.' I tapped my foot, arms crossed. He sighed and bent over. Crack! He gasped, but stayed.Then a funny thing happened. I touched his. "Which is why it's a good thing I'm up next!We'll pick you out a new outfit for the Siss-T you! And you can wear itout of the store since I'm paying for it!"Although some part of the back of Jeffy's mind was panicking a bit aboutthat, it was hard to think of why while he was so horny. Instead, heleaned back, letting Lin get to work on him. Thirty minutes later, hesauntered out with golden, glittery nailpolish applied onto hissharpened claws, and his tail fur brushed to look as fluffy as. I prayed it was a guy this time and not another beautiful woman in a transparent blouse."Mr. Cooper?" the burly guy asked when I opened the door. "Good afternoon, I'm Bill Largent. ADT Security." Come in Mr. Largent," I said as we shook hands. "I've been expecting you. Can I offer you iced tea or lemonade?" Lemonade sounds good," he said gruffly. I got him started towards the couch and went to pour a couple glasses.He had his briefcase open when I got back and there were aerial pictures of my.
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