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Then after half an hour she came and told that she came secretly without anyone knowing. I made coffee as I woke up and we had coffee together. And sh... was really in a mood of fuck. But I controlled as I don’t want to hurt our friendship.Then we talked a lot about our days and she sat near me. I put my hand on her shoulder like friends. Then I used to slide my hand over her hairs. She asked me what am I doing? I told her I like the smell of her hair and she laughed.As we were talking I put my. I want to see your mouth on those huge fucking tits. Can you do that for me, baby? Can you suck your tits for me?" Janice nodded, flushed with arousal at his dirty talk. She'd done this before, had lifted her breasts and sucked on them as she imagined someone else would. And it had always felt so good, but now, now with Mike's husky voice commanding her actions and washing over her like a caress, now it would be better. She slipped her hands beneath one breast, letting the other flop back. "Here, I use these when I want to emphasize my-uh- assets; try them on under that dress!"Back in the restroom I shimmied out of the dress and--after puzzling overthem a bit--donned the garments June had given me. There were two ofthem, each a bizarre set of flesh-tone elastic straps which I finallyfigured out: a breast-shaper and a butt-lifter!Confused (Where was all this going? What was Carla's plan?) I tuggedthem on, amazed at how the cunning design molded the soft tissue of mychest and butt. I agreed to go to the terrace.She was wearing a sleveless top..which partly exposed her breasts, and a jeans skirt. As usual she was looking very hot. When we went up, it was rainin. we both got wet. and now her bra was clearly visible through her top. imagine a hot womens body..that too naked..it was heaven for pleasures sake! After some masti..and fun..we were watching the sea. It was ideally romantic. and on top of that the vodka and rain were just as well. Water was dripping from her face..
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