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It was a perfect summers day, warm with a cloudless blue sky. I was having difficulty concentrating, and kept asking myself how Rebecca's and my rela...ionship might change. I mean, yesterday she was my twin sister and today she's my lover. And with our parents coming home tomorrow, I had no idea how we could continue with our relationship. I went upstairs and changed into my Speedos and returned to the pool, settling onto a sun bed. I was really quite confused, I resented the fact Bec wasn't. They're fully booked too," was the typically efficient response fromBella."Tell you what, let me get sorted and you can debrief me before you go." Give me an hour or so, Ok?" I called back."Get beautiful! I'm in no real hurry," replied Bella.Act III quickly made my way to my room at the top of the landing, turned thekey and reacquainted myself with its light and fragrance, shut the door,locked it and immediately set about transforming myself into Sharon.Hurrying, anxious to return to Bella as. A woman pushed her whole hand inside me and I somersaulted, tumbling through space until my body arced , throwing her back and nearly removing several teeth. Tonight it is enough and I have to stop. His hand is large and I am overwhelmed. Or so I thought until he begins to work on my bottom. Something is inside me – it is not big but moves insistently and rapidly. My voice starts somewhere in the alto register, but soon he draws deep bass a****l notes out of me. I can’t explain the deep and. ..” she paused. “...unless you want some of this!” She turned around and flipped up her skirt as she stuck her ass right up to him.“No! No!” he pleaded as he backed his chair away. Then, in resignation, he added, “It’s okay. It’s okay,” and went back to blabbering to himself.Jana returned and sat on me and within seconds, she ripped a hushing gasser...like air from a punctured tire. She flattened her sitting position and passed gas flush into my face. It was mostly less-audible poots and hisses.
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