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Kelly and I lay on the bed and the professor sits in a chair. Kelly and I start kissing. Kissing progresses to mutual groping. I can see the profes...or squeezing his legs together rhythmically. Eventually Kelly and I disrobe while kissing and groping each other. I start to kiss Kelly on the neck. I slowly move down her body as I kiss it. Lots of kissing and sucking of her breasts. I get down to Kelly’s vagina and spend a lot of time licking and kissing it. I eventually swing my body. We talked and kissed softly and sweetly. I savored his touching me, drawing me closer as our lips met like a pair of those magnetic Kissy dolls with our tongues dueling, each caressing the other as the warmth of our bodies encompassed us with passion and desire.It was highly intoxicating feeling him lying next to me, whispering tenderly sweet words of love in my ear. He kissed my lips softly and lovingly while touching his mouth to mine. He caressed my cheeks, running his tongue down my neck,. It's the clothes and thehair and being around al these other girls and..." I know! I know! It's horrible! I'm going out of my mind," said Trixie,panting heavily as she turned and kissed Mark back. Again the beltsclicked together by accident, driving the two of them to even giddierheights."We can't stay here..." Mark was running his hands over Trixie'sfeminine body now, going wild with lust. "If we feel like this afterjust one day, what are they going to be able to do to us within a week?A. Then I went down to her sexy belly and started kissing.ohhh yeaaah it’s super hot! Then I kissed her panty and removed it and damn!!!!! What a paradise!!!! She had a hairy sexy yummy pussy! I love hairy pussy. Ahhh and I spitted on her pussy and started sucking it hard …. ahhh yeahh ohhh … so good. She was making small sounds. Then I kissed her legs and toes… ahhhh yeah ….Then I started licking her ass and yummy it was ahhh. Then I stripped and took my dick off and told her to suck it. She.
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