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It was a small square room with a long, two-tiered wooden bench lining three of the walls in a ‘U’ shape. A large container of hot stones sat in t...e sole bare wall of the room. The room seemed to recognize that someone entered and so a little fountain of water fell onto the hot stones. A little bit of steam began to fill the room.Ginny turned from the store to see Harry staring at her naked body. Bashfully she wrapped the towel around herself quickly and gave Harry a good, hard shove. Harry let. .." Something like that," Dorothy agreed with a broad smile as she remembered days and nights long past.They chatted for a few minutes more as Kassandra explained how she had finally learned of Dorothy's call. Her manager had brought over some papers for her to sign before she left for a promotional tour in Hawaii and happened to mention that he thought they should change her private line and code name again."Why is that?" she asked as she read the papers he handed her."Because we got another. "Again she acquiesced to my request, finally smiling, though again more politely than annoyed. She was never annoyed with my attentions, never that. But tired was tired, and that she told me in her simple look as she gave into my request.I removed her bra. Then lowered my hand to unzip her skirt, turning it, then watching it fall around her feet as she stepped from it, once again her hands automatically reaching for the black satin panties she wore. My hands again replaced hers, wordlessly this. It held it, a vast reservoir, a massive battery of power gathered from the world. My awareness flitted around inside the hill, making adjustments here, tweaking something there.It all made so much sense to me. This was the purpose of the hill, to focus all this energy. It gathered in the altar. It spilled over the gem. I rose my awareness from the machinery. I blinked, staring down at the phylactery. I felt the Biomancer’s soul quivering in it.He knew what was about to happen.I frowned and.
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