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“Suck my on them some more, Harvey, you know that drives me wild.”The three teens tiptoed carefully back from the door. The girls faces were ashen...now. They looked almost ill as they thought about what all those sounds had meant. Hilda Mae’s eyes glanced down, and her hand came up to slap over her mouth, her eyes wide. She pointed at Nathan’s crotch.He looked down to see that, where the towel gaped slightly open in the front, his erect penis was jutting out, hard as a rock. He heard Bernadette. What are the odds of an unexpected visitor? Well, you guessed it. As I was walking around with only a t-shirt on, I noticed their shadows on the floor of the garage, they were peering through the window at me! I expected to hear a knock but they just stood and watched. At first, I was embarrassed for being caught and I turned my back on them, but then in time, I gave them full frontal view, even got out a ladder and changed a lightbulb. That's when they knocked. I acted startled. Climbed down. But I knew I was missing spending time with Roberta and eventually my love for her overcame my pride.I came down to find Mom and Roberta in the kitchen, cooking and chattering in French as they always did. Muldenberg was sitting in the family room with his headphones on. I stood in the kitchen for a few moments before Mom saw me.“Are you ready to apologize to Otto?” asked Mom. “Yes,” I said, hanging my head and feeling like a 6-year-old. “But he’s got his headphones on, I don’t want to disturb. "Nathalie, while Mia is off doing her thing, it would mean we would befree to spend some time together."That brought a smile to my face. "You would like that?" I would love that, we could go shopping together, we could make love,play dress up, yes I would love that. Nathalie you are very cute, I couldhelp develop your look and style, make you even more beautiful."Yes, I would like that as well, but what do I do about Mia?" Would it matter if she has some fun as well, I can promise you onething,.
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