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Then I slowly made her lie on the bed and than slowly undressing her first I removed her sari, I could see that her two heavy boobs were struggling to...come out of her blouse than I slowly removed her blouse and as she was not wearing any bra I could see her two monstrous boobs right away, than I slowly removed her petty coat and she was not wearing a panty also. Now I could see a huge woman lie naked in front of me, let me describe her body she had two monstrous boobs probably in the size of 44. I stayed there for just a short while because I just had to taste that pretty pink anal flower that was so close. I slipped my tongue onto that tasty morsel. I swirled my tongue around until I could feel her start to relax then pushed it in slowly while Hellene started to climb up the slick slope to climax until she just exploded spraying me with her cum.While Hellene was returning to earth I held my tongue still on her anus then moving up to her clit where I softly held it with my tongue.. I pulled off my shoes, socks, shirt, pants, and finally shorts, and my dripping peter popped out, standing hard, and dripping cum. "You're dripping on my rug cocksucker, but don't worry about it." "Flip your pecker up and down a few times, and you'd better not cum!", she said, leaning back against her desk. Her ass was absolutely perfect. She was wearing a very tight business suit, and her hips filled it out magnificently. ____________________________I stood there and looked at her and pulled. Afraid of how she would react. Afraid of what she wound think of me.The sound of a car door outside announced her arrival. I felt my pulse quicken. I heard the key in the door and then it opened. She walked in closing the door behind her. “Hi” she said, with that beautiful voice of hers. I rose, and walked wordlessly to her. I took her in my arms and kissed her gently. She responded to my kiss with some surprise at first, but it was short lived. She began kissing me back, her supple lips.
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