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" She gave him a nasty smile.It was during the interview after Agatha had signed and had witnessed the non-disclosure document that she mentioned to K...tie, that she had always wanted to feminise a man. Katie who had been explaining how she had been treating Dave immediately fell in love with the idea and pretty much gave her new employee carte-blache to do with Dave what she needed to make him her 'slut-bitch'.Whatever the stuff was which Miss Agatha coated his body with stank to high heaven. My impromptu lover kissed me as he unhooked my bra, throwing it somewhere to the side. His fingers made wide loops around my nipples, before rolling them between his index finger and thumb. I shuddered and groaned, arching my back to meet his touch. He leaned in, kissing the bottom curve of my breast. His hands never stopped moving, keeping me on edge. I could feel every stroke of his fingers, goose bumps breaking out, leaving a visible trail of tingling sensitivity behind. More wetness started. It was going to be difficult for her, but totally doable. Also Michael and I could most of the afternoon jobs. It was just the big jobs, where I needed him. On those jobs we had to juggle the work load. Most of my landscape work could be handled in half a day, which left me the second half to work on the farm. I was busy as hell during the summer’s growing season, which was to be expected.Since I was growing only one small crop of weed in the field, all of it was drying in the chicken. Her intuition about when to tone down the sexual heat and let it rise more slowly created a harmony that was satisfying for both of us. Nadia loved to experiment and toys were one the outlets she was partial to. Eventually, I showed her my strap on and she loved fucking me missionary style while I played with her tits. We often took turns with our butts in the air as we reamed each other doggy style. But, our relationship grew to be much more than sex and within a few months we were.
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