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" He pushed one finger into my tight hole and found it dry and unyielding. He brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked on them. When he pulled them...out, they were slimy and dripping with his spit. He put his hand in my crotch again, this time shoving all four fingers into my cunt at once. He spit on his hand and pushed, trying to put his entire hand inside me.He must have decided that my cunt needed to be stretched out more because he pulled his fingers out and tied me to the bedposts while. I didn't hear anything for a minute so I peeked out there. "What are you doing, Diane?" I questioned, as I saw her eyes remained closed. She just stretched out her arms and legs. "Oh, that's the spot." My cock was on fire. "Yeah, it is," I moaned, as I shot my load onto the side of the couch. I leaned onto the side of it on my shoulder, but avoided my cum. "Shit, that was a little wrong," I said, letting out a giant exhale and shutting my eyes. Then I heard the game playing again, so I didn't. It feltgreat to tell a person face to face the name I used in private. Sheshowed me around the store and fit me with a bunch cute tops, blouses,high heels, and a wig. I had gone into the store under the pretense itwas for Halloween but I'm sure she saw through my ruse. She was niceenough to go along and as I checked out, she asked if I had breast forms.I'm sure my face turned twenty shades of red at this comment. I didn'teven know breast forms existed until I read about them a few. When I came outside she asked me am I comfortable with It? I said yes but now I was hungry and told the same to her.We went to kitchen and checked what to cook and cooked some pakoda with green chatni. We both were working in kitchen as two ladies. I was really feeling awesome and till that time I was not having any bad thoughts but weather outside was romantic and every one would like to have a hot session with a woman. Aunty completed with cooking and served pakodas with chutney and we ate.
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