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‘Charly,’ he said with a confused look, ‘what’s going on with you—’ ‘—Don’t ever come around here again! Stay away from me!’ she ...uddenly shouted as she shook his hands off her arms and quickly stepped back into the lighthouse. ‘Charly…’ But that was as far as he got before the heavy door was slammed shut in his face! He was enough by his senses to step to the door and immediately begin knocking. ‘Open up, Charly! You can’t just do what you did and then leave it at this! We need to talk! Open. As I reached the hot spot he again pushed his body up off the couch."Oh! Yea, that's the spot." He said in a low whisper. "Yea, play with that pussy hole." I complied and stared fingering his hot ass. He was prepared with powered balls and crotch and lubed asshole, just waiting for me to jump in.I got down on the floor and started rubbing my bearded face between his legs and on the silk panties. He was now pushing his cock and ass ever higher to my face and the moaning was getting louder. I. I just laughed and and pushed on his head to move. I tried to reach around him but I couldn't, I pushed him harder, but nothing he just stood there panting. He was so close to me, I couldn't figure out what he was doing, I was laughing, trying to get him to move. So I'm there with my shorts around my ankles and no idea how to get this big lug out of the bathroom. It is comical, he won't let me out. I'm completly exposed. One minute I'm laughing then suddenly I felt him move, against my. So I told him, "A woman wears a cocktail dress when her tail is looking for some cock. Saturday night she will be getting noticed by quite a few." It was obvious that Alex liked the answer.We both approached Alex and began unbuckling his belt and shirt buttons and soon had removed his clothing. Alex was well hung and appeared able to take us both on. He reached for the zipper on the back of Becky's dress and said, "I need to practice for Saturday night". With the zipper only half way down.
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