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She'd heard the same stories everyone else had. The reform schools had total authority over their charges and exercised that authority in the form of ...apes and brutal tortures. The story of Sally Richter was popular when Beth was in junior-high. Sally had been a bright girl. Popular, beautiful, and intelligent, she seemed to have a promising life. Until she was caught with a dime bag of heroine. The new drug laws mandated a year long stay in a reformatory. Sally had been in for only 2 weeks. They had just reached the ‘fun zone’ as Mark called this stretch of the country road the Captain lived on. He caught Amy’s grin and saw a similar one on Vanessa’s face as he carved the first turn in second gear, dancing the ’80 like a muscular ballerina through the auto playground. He noticed both of them breathing a little faster as he came back down through the gearbox at the turn-off for the house. They were as addicted to speed as he was, something they would never publicly admit, but he. .." God. I'm going to take a shower. If you think I'm killing myself, let me." She jumped up and nearly sprinted to her room.I shook my head and went back to our room."Is Barb okay?" Amanda asked.I shook my head. "Apparently we were a bit, ah, titillating last night..." Listening to us got her hot?" Lisa asked."More like a firecracker, I'd say," I said. "Explosive." Firecracker?" Lisa said."Dynamite." Gotcha," Lisa said. "Should one of us go talk to her?"I laughed. "Right about now I think. Shayad wo bilkul mast madhosh ho gai thi chudai ki is mahaul me. maein usi tarah uski badan ko gardan pe pith har jagah chumta bhi gaya.ab wo khud haat piche karke mujhe baalon se apne taraf khichne v lagi.Maine use bed pe 1 jhatke pe patak dia r uske mu k saamne apna lund kardia r “bola wo q dekh rahi ho alisha baazi y lund lo use bada r mota v hai”wo kuch hich kichiaai.”maine kaha kya hua”usne kha “ye bahut bada hai mje dar lagra”maine kaha “kuch nahi hoga , bs tm aram se lund ka maza.
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