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"And he's got a decent purse."I rolled over, rubbed the dirt from my eyes and said, "I'm freezing." I'm sure my teeth were chattering and my stones fr...zen solid."He talks, English more or less," said the girl on my right, pushing her long hair from her face."Let's get him up to the house," said the other one. "Can you stand?" Maybe," I managed, slipping and sliding. They helped and I got my feet under me, aware that my thigh hurt like hell. I put my arm about the shoulders of the girl on my. So for 2-3 days I didn’t saw her I ignored her a lot, then she came to me put her hands on me and asked me what happen dear why r u so serious on me, taking it as an advantage I put my left hand on her breast let me suck them, so she said I too fond of u but we should be in our limits we r family members. That night when I was sleeping in her room I waked her up requested to fuck her she came out I took her to the out house she was in her nighty ohhhhhh god there is no bra inside, her boobs. As our slippery dicks rubbed together, my balls rested on Petes and it felt great. After a while Pete was getting close to coming. He started thrusting his hips; his dick was rubbing against mine and his balls were slapping against me. As he started cumming, I could feel Pete's cock spasm and I felt his warm cum bathing my cock. Pete flipped around and kissed Katie and shared his cum with her. Then he grabbed my dick and started sucking me. God damn it felt good. Katei flipped over and was. Starting with her forehead, I began kissing and licking progressively down: her nose; her mouth; her full, soft throat; her smooth-skinned shoulders; her copper-stubbled, musky armpits; her pink, erect nipples; her white, smooth belly; down into the sparse, coppery brown pubic hair to her hot vulva. Her legs were spread wide as I gently parted her outer labia with my fingers and inserted my tongue. For a big woman, she had a small vulva, and her pubes did not extend down to her outer labia. She.
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