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I had nothing in common with those people I didn’t speak to or saw in the past 25 years. Besides, I had loads of work to do as solicitor. Two inheri...ance cases, a nasty divorce and a complex property transfer. Not to mention my voluntary work for the Presbyterian community at the immigrants care. However, my assistant called off the divorce-meeting, so I had a couple of hours to spare. Sighing I checked my make-up and drove to the diner. Everybody was already there, talking about the old days. I am wearing some tightly fitting light blue jeans and a blue tshirt with a brown open over coat on and a matching small cowgirl hat for style back in town-Stranger: -i look ur way as i walk- "hello ma'am!"You: hello miss welcome this is the home i will be showing you today. -i gesture towards the door- come inYou: im wearing a red blazer the splits open right at my braests revealing a tight white blouse. i am also wearing a short red skirt that hugs my thighs together it stops just centimeters. Ich rutsche auf dem Sitz hin und her. Ich muss zur Toilette, aber ich halte durch, weil ich für ihn durchhalten will. Nur oder noch zwei Stunden? Zeit ist nur eine Schimäre und es kommt auf die Perspektive an. In der Ewigkeit kann es keine Zeit geben, weil es keinen Anfang und kein Ende gibt. Zeit wird zu einer relativen Empfindung, wenn das Ich mit Familie, Job und dem was nicht sein und niemals bekannt werden darf in Einklang gebracht werden muss. Ich lächle, weil er mir nicht aus dem Kopf. “What it is … a headache to you,” said another cup in the hands of Sarayu sit on the bed, he grabbed a cup. “Nobody ..” said Mahi.“Nobody … annayyake …,” he said. Mahi musi musi be checked. “Oh … I also have a headache,” said Sarayu. “Your kenduke headache …” said Mahi with Sarayu. “Do not sleep properly at night. …” She looked at oraga autumn. Padinattayindi heart stone him. Lot took the night vodina not to mention,Nukunesariki wave him vonikayi legs. Mahi toward autumn, “What will be so small.
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