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Oh how I so wanted to feel a hard cock against my lips and on my tongue. I would lie awake at night dreaming about it. Dreaming about making cocks cum...and tasting their jizz. Dreaming about being cummed on and having my mouth used.Our school had an LGBT club that met after school, right around the football practice times. I always made excuses to pass by, to feel a connection and to see who was there. It didn’t take long for a boy at those meetings to notice that I had past several times and. Took it inside the cunt i started riding himHe was holding me by my waist and his mouth over boobs sucking them. I was holding the wall in front and moving up and down. He rammed me so fast that i had my orgasm and it flew over his thighs and on bed. He was about to climax and i supported him by moving more faster.He ejaculated and with loud moan we were on each other. This time i was on him. We were lying like the couples shown in the movies. Into each other arms we were chatting about work. I put those stories together, and I thought that, perhaps it was not a fable, that perhaps this story, or parts of it, might be true." Do you know when that was? Did he say?"He answer was slow in coming. "He said it happened a long time ago, maybe a thousand years ago, maybe more. I don't think that was an exaggeration in the way of most story tellers."To tell the truth, to tell someone who I was, who I really was; I confess I was sorely tempted. But all my years had taught me caution, and it. However, I did not shut the door fully, and from the gap in the door, I saw sights that shocked me. I saw my chachi smooch and kiss my dad. I saw her rub his nipples and then he kissed her again.Soon she opened his lungi like a shameless person having sex with a married man that too a relative and double her age. But there was no stopping. She tightened her ponytail and started sucking his dick. She even sucked his balls as he opened her T-shirt and ducked her boobs and nipped.Soon my dad.
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