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Geetu – Meri saas ko jaldi sone ki aadat hai. Toh woh sham ke time sasur jee ke room mein jati thi.Mom – Kisliye jati thi?Geeta – Mujhe thoda sh...k hua. Woh tel malish ke bahane jati thi. Sasur jee desi dawa ko jala kar uski bhaph lete hain. Unko sir dard ki problem hai. Malish bhi karwate hain.Mom – Oh fir.Geetu – Ek din maine dekha ki saas sasur se chudwa rahi hai. Sasur ne usko ghodi bana rakha tha. 7 inch ka kala lund dekh kar main hairan ho gayi. Fir mujhe chaska lag gaya. Main roj dekhne. He hadn't faded in my memory. The dark hair and eyes. The intense, studious gaze. Groomed from his head to his Italian leather shoes. "Your server will be right with you," the hostess said, backing out of the room and closing the door behind her. Neither of us even looked at her. As soon as she was gone, he stepped around the table to me. Without saying anything, he undid the top button on my blouse. The heat behind his eyes jumped into flame and he ran a finger along the edge of my collar. The. I’m very happy by this chance because thinking that I’m occupied for next hours. I told my charge which he said high but anyway it’s her pay and good they got me timely. He called to her room number as informed that they arranged a Masseur from other big star hotel especially for her and she asked him more details of me. After the call the manager said that is a bit suspecting on the quality of masseur as there is no one available immediately So she will confirm only after seeing me personally. .. But I do know one thing. At first glance, he looks like he's lost all emotion, but when he didn't destroy me as he intended, while it was subtle, there was a flicker of unease. If he were truly without emotion, there would be none. Something has happened to him to seal his emotions away at the bottom of his heart... though he may not realize it himself.(In the other room)Yumi: Hey! Why didn't you give him the final blow! Just one more step, and you would have--Soujirou (sweetly): Miss Yumi,.
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