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So, ask yourself that hottie I'm watching for the next few moments a female or a t-gurl??? Wink wink.OK, so, at the mall. Shopping...for shoes......everybody does it including us "gurls". The real trick to "doing the mall thing" for t-gurls is to totally blend in and be just like the women that are there. They dress down and go totally casual for the most part......throw their hair up into a messy up-do, throw on some jeans, maybe a cute top then grab the coat and go......not. At least this way you won’t have to see what we do to her.”“Fuck…you!” I snarled, pissed off at how smug they were being and how humiliated I already felt, coupled with knowing I was never going to pin Paul even if I tried for the next 100 years.Paul sighed and pinned my arm with his own. “Two to me” he announced as I rubbed my arm.Leah walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders. “Let’s just go, Mark” she said softly.“Yeah, feel free” Paul said, standing up. “Go home and admit defeat.. I became conscious of her voice. She layback in the water gasping for breath. “Oh Nicolas please, please I must ask you to let mego before you finish me off altogether with yourloving attention.” Hearing her broke the spell as it were and thedark, demonic impulse to cruelty left me assuddenly as it had arrived and I helped her out ofthe bath and dried her slowly, caressingly and backin the bedroom I dressed her as a mother dresses achild almost and she allowed me to. Laughingly. Just thinking about it made her pussy moist again. She had never felt anything so intense before. She didn't have time for the long hot shower she wished for so she limited herself to a quick shower cleaning herself thoroughly and washing her hair.When she got out of the shower she was shocked to see it was 5:30 already. She quickly dried her hair and got her make-up on by 6:00. She slipped on the robe Lisa had permitted her to keep which came to just below her ass cheeks and was nearly.
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