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She had accidentally slept through heralarm again. "I really need to get some more sleep at night," she thought asshe dried her long dark hair. Of she knew this would be difficult dueto her busy schedule. Not only did Gloria have to go to school every day, she studied harder andlonger than anyone in her school. Her parent's dream was for her to attendHarvard and she didn't want to let them down. She was also a member of thecheerleading and cross-country teams. However, she knew her. " Later," I threatened, "now get off me I need to take a leak."I got up, relieved my bladder, took a quick shower and then when I was gathering up my clothes I noticed the girls, still in bed, whispering and giggling to one another. Girls I thought to myself, they're acting like they are at a slumber party.I put on some of my new duds and then went into the kitchen where I put on a pot of coffee and cooked up some bacon, eggs and toast.A half hour later the girls joined me. They had obviously. After few minutes, I went to my bedroom, as usual took off all my clothes, and started masturbating. On the other side fortunately, aunt got up to have a glass of water and through a shutter less window of my room saw me lying fully nude over my bed and Masturbating my 8 inch hard prick with both of my hands. At the same time, I was unaware that she was watching me. It was all over, I jumped into my regular short and IStarted to sleep. At about 12.30 I was awaken by a knock at my door, I got. First I clean myselfinside using the thoughtfully provided douche, with, I notice, alubricated and scented bottle to finish, then in a shower. I wash whatis left of the seed from the countless men from my skin and my hair.When I feel clean I survey the damage in the full length mirror. Mycarefully glued tuck is undone which at least has allowed me to clean myskin thoroughly. My breasts, of which I am so proud, have at least sixsets of teeth marks on them and my neck and shoulders are marked.
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