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I have never made love to a Desi woman so I am glad my first is so beautiful.”Of course, compliments make any woman feel good towards their source a...d Sushil saw that some chemistry was forming. He finished his champagne and said, “It’s time for me to leave. I will be nearby and return when you want me to. Enjoy!”Tony turned to Nisha and said, “I know this is very new and unexpected. I’ve had quite a bit of experience and will proceed at your pace. This is YOUR gift after all, and nothing will. I had to shake the image of her in my arms and the soft touch of her lips against mine when someone called out asking me if I needed anything. I looked over to the older man standing behind the bar with a curious grin on his face and told him that I didn’t, I was just thinking. He nodded his head and mumbled something about my being an American. From the look he gave me, it wasn’t anything bad, I had heard that many thought an American accent was fun to listen to, just as us Americans think a. You, Master, never said a thing. I could tell, because you were, in my opinion, too much of a gentleman to make such childish noises. I also knew that you enjoyed the reactions of those around us, immensely.The tongue jabbed harder at my tender, swollen clit. The blonde's persistence couldn't be ignored. She wanted me to cum. I wanted me to cum. I hoped you wanted me to cum. Only one way to find out... I opened my eyes as the tongue rammed home, plunging my cunt with it's warm softness. I. My pussy was sopping wet now and I was totally exhausted as I just lay there now while he continued to pump me harder. All of a sudden I felt him beginning to tighten but still he continued. Then I felt it I gusher of cum entering my sloppy wet post orgasmic cunt. After he deposited his warm seed in me he was still hard and still continued with his fucking. I could hear the squishing noises from my wet pussy and his hot sperm mingling in my cunt as he continued with his pumping. Suddenly he.
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