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I was surprised to find out that she only had two fake passports, two pairs of handcuffs, a tiny one-shot pistol taped inside her thigh next to her mo...nd, a switchblade, and stun gun. With her left arm blocked, I used my right hand to pull the skirt up to get the gun loose. On a whim, I slid my hand down into her panties with my middle finger on her clit. Maybe she was into sex when restrained in such a way that she couldn’t move without physically causing damage to her body. Whatever her kink. For a split second, I was amazed at myself, finally feeling something other than pain. Shaking my head and pushing my feelings off, I turned over to sit on my knees, crawled down, and jumped to the side of the house. I looked inside the window of where I planned to go. A nice little room it was, all painted with pink and trimmed with little girl designs. I dug my nails into the screen and tore into it, very quietly pulling it off and placing it on the ground. I placed my fingers on the window. Her hand grabbed the blindfold and pulled it off but I wasn't able to see much because the room was dark."Rest a bit babe. I need it too. The night is still young. We'll talk in a while and play some more.I woke up to a soft hand stroking my dick. "Do you need to go to the bathroom before we go on?" No Goddess, thank you I'm good."There was a light tap on my cheek "what did I tell you? Yes Goddess..."Then she laughed. "Starboard" – "Just messing with you. No more Goddess for tonight, well let's. Jenny hurried out of her office, bowling over some nerdy girl or other from the Scholarship class, who seemed to think she had a tutorial booked with Jenny.?Not today, dear!? Jenny bellowed. ?’s appointment. Yes, that’s it, dentist’s appointment! Sorry, must dash!?4.30pm. Just time for some essential preparations for the 8pm meeting. Gym, hairdresser, Ann Summers, nail bar, leg waxing, bath, make-up. After all, she was a professional, and must present herself in a.
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