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She was getting horny just thinking about it. “Okay, here is my plan.” Linda revealed all of the naughty plan to her friend and they went back to ...ork.Now both of them had something to look forward too for the following Saturday night. Lilly listened intently to the plan and was all for the idea. Both of them secretly wondered if the men would go through with it, but then they thought, Why Not? They are guys after all and guys get turned on by what they see. Especially if it was all new and. The stone began to getwarm, yet didn't burn my hand. With my own eyes I saw my fingersgetting slimmer, my hand smaller, then my arm began to get smaller andlose muscle tone! Grezelda held me tightly, and as I began to feelmyself changing she relaxed a little. I had no idea how much time hadpassed, but when I awoke, I was no longer myself. Grezelda sat next tome, a smile on her face."You have become the woman you could have been." Taking me by thehand, we stood in front of the mirror. "If you. She told me to close my eyes and just listen."I know you better than you think I do," she said. "You just got to kiss me. Something every frat boy on campus wishes they could do and you got to do it."I gulped and licked my dry lips at the thought."Even now you have my breasts pressed against your back, and I'm sure you can feel that I'm not wearing a bra."I gasped and could feel myself press back into her a bit more. What the hell was I doing?"I am not lez," I tried to say, but I was breathing. Just before the bell rang to signal the end of class, Mr. Jamieson asked me to come to the front of the class. When I did, he asked me to turn around and face the students and asked if the rumour was true that I had gotten engaged. I told him it was and he asked who and I told him you!”I took her into my arms and hugged and kissed her. “Mr. Jamieson is the older teacher isn’t he?” I asked.Jordan nodded. “He told me that he might get into trouble over it, but he asked if he might be allowed to.
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