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“Hi daddy. Do you like how your princess looks?”Hank's heart skipped a beat. Suzy looked awesome standing the with her blond hair flowing a purple transparent teddy that nicely showed off her full breasts with a small triangle barely covering her slit. Perfection! There was an obvious erection under his boxers that was calling out to her.“Wow! You look beyond beautiful. I really don't know what words to use to describe how you look.”She loved how he made her feel. She loved the. Harry became more demanding, always wanting to monopolise my time. He’d visited me during the summer, and called me almost everyday, which had seemed sweet at the time. Looking back it was the start of Harry’s possessive streak. It wasn’t just that though, there were other problems. He started demanding sex every day, and if I didn’t feel like it he’d emotionally blackmail me until I caved in. I was unhappy, and I felt like he’d changed from the sweet guy I’d first known. He often put me down,. “Bree!” I looked to my left and saw my best friend Callie strolling towards me. “Where are you going for lunch?” she asked. I told her how I was meeting up with my boyfriend down in the basement. We said goodbye and I walked down the stairway making sure no one was around before I walked into the old book room. It’s the room where all the textbooks are kept but no one ever goes in except during the beginning and end of the school year. I saw my boyfriend Scott sitting on a desk leaning casually. I stripped off my shorts and underwear and walked nude into her bedroom to begin the transformation. I had taken out her panties and smelled them wondering how her wet pussy must taste and if someday I would get to try some girl of my own.That is when I heard the door slam and my Aunt enter the apartment. I couldn't get to my clothes and didn't want to have her see me nude running thru her apartment so I slid on the side of the bed and prayed she would only be here for a moment.No luck, I heard.
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