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‘You look beautiful, honey!’ I said while watching her moving towards the door.‘Aw thank you, dear!’ she replied pulling her bra up at the sam... time allowing me a glimpse at her dark brown nipple.‘And you have gorgeous breasts!’ I added.‘I know.’I switched the channel. The picture was of a young woman sucking a cock while the man was fingering her hairy pussy. My own penis shuddered in my jeans. The scene was hot because actually it was an edging action. The girl made his cock edge and then. . she doesn’t say a word it’s like she doesn’t even care ... so at this point I take her head and bob it up and down on my dick and start to fuck. Her mouth ..so much drool coming from her.. she then stood and. Sucks on my calls for a good 2-3 min while jerking me off ... I’m about to cum ..... I quickly pull her off my dick and lay her down ... I spread open that pussy and start to eat her out .. omg she tasted soooo good... she smelled just like the luffa in the shower ..I eat her out for a. I want to be with you, part of the experience as a threesome. The minute I feel I’m not wanted, I’m done.”“I never want you to feel unwanted, honey,” she reassured me. “Do you feel that way now?”I did, but I didn’t want her to know just how strongly. “A little,” I admitted, “you seemed to focus on him so much that you forgot I was even here. I mean, I get that it’s new and exciting for you to have his attention. Just please remember not to ignore me.”“I won’t,” she said with a big smile, “I. We went to the top floor of the building, where out of the ceiling she pulled a ladder and motioned to get up. Once there, we quickly dis-clothed, and I started fingering her, first with 2 fingers, then realizing that she had a much larger pussy then any human I had met before. so more fingers followed. I told her that I didn't think my cock could satisfy her, to which she replied to let her worry about that ;)!She started moaning as I began inserting first my fist, and then my forearm into her.
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