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I woke unsure of where I was. I felt the warmth of another person in bed with me and for a moment I thought it was Beth. I wanted to tell her about th... crazy dream that I was having, but then the last day came rushing back into memory and my spirits fell. My hip was aching where it had caught the bullet. I tried to lie quietly and not disturb Ruth, who was sharing my bed, but I felt restless, confined.I eased myself out of the bed and watched Ruth’s breathing to make sure that she was still. "There is a Capt. Starr and a Mr. Wallacehere tonight. I have their letters of introduction." he finished."Ah yes. Thank you and show them in. I was expecting them here tonightand had made arrangements for them." said Eric. He went on, "It lookslike tonight will serve two functions as well. Both business andpleasure. With some mutual revenge as a side dish. I wonder if CountMarcos will appreciate what I have cooked up for him tonight."Count Marcos walked in just as Prince Eric was talking to. She has completepower and manipulation in the firm, and she runs all aspects of it asshe pleases. She is such a legal savant, that no one could challengeher will." Ok, I see..." This job is a great paying job, where I help people, and I also have aHUGE desire to make partner. For this, though, I need Mrs. Howe'sapproval. I am already sucked in to attending her moronic church 3nights a week, and everyone there is starting to ask why such an"eligible" man like myself isn't "attached." " Also,". “You seemed to mistake me for someone else,” I prompted.She sighed. “You’re the image of a man I knew in the War. We were in the ATA together.” She smiled. “We were ... friends. But he married, and then got himself killed – not so far from here, actually – though I could never understand how. He was such a careful, skilled pilot, and the Moth wasn’t demanding to fly. They think the engine failed and he flew into the hill trying for a forced landing through the cloud.”“Charles Morrison,” I said..
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