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Anju : Raj, kaha par ho?Mai : Jaan mai toh office mein hu.Anju : Kal mujhe Surat jana hai, Sanju didi ke ghar,Sanju didi ke tabiyat thik nahi. Unhe jana hai. Jiju 10 din ke liya bahar gaye hue hai.Mai : Thik hai tum chale jao.Anju : Raj tum bhi sath chalo. waise bhi didi tumhe bahut miss kar rahi hai.Mai : Thik hai kal kitne baje jana hai?Anju : Subah 7 baje. hum 1 baje tak Surat pahuch jayenge.Mai : Thik hai mai tumhe station par milta hu.Aur dusre din train se Surat pahuch gaye, Sanju. To be honest about it, we're both in love with you. I know this is probably a shock and we want to give you some time to think it over, but we want you to share that house with us and join our family."They're in love with me? What? When? But, but... Kasia? My brain was spitting out questions faster than the rest of my body could deal with them. I'd never been more shocked in my life. It was a good thing I was sitting down, because I was half afraid I might pass out. Finally, my mouth opened and. ” “Oh hey Cheryl, how is everything?” “Well everything is not quite fine Tom, I hear you have my daughter working the night shift.” Typical, how could that in any way be my fault? I decided to let that one go and instead change the subject to living arrangements. “Well as long as Sarah didn’t lock her door everything should be fine.” My wife said. I went to go check and low and behold, locked. “Well guys guess what? It’s locked so now what?” “Well baby she can just take our bed upstairs and. We go to the cashier and pay for the dress and shawl.After doing some shopping and bonding with Lucio, we decide to go back home and prepare for the party.As we arrive home, Lucio and I are shocked when seeing dad jacking off with his cock."DAD! FOR HEAVENS SAKE! SHAME FOR YOURSELF!" I shout at him."S-sorry...umm..." he says."It's okay Dad, but don't do that in front of us! Especially Lucio!" I say."Sis! I'm not a kid anymore! Stop treating me as a kid, we're about the same age; it only matters.
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