“I’m sorry you feel that way, sir. However, I should point out that I doubt if you’ll be able to find anything with two rooms at this late date....In addition, your room was prepaid, and is non-refundable.”Tony stopped in his tracks at that. Even though we had a good discount rate (and now we knew why!) neither of us could really afford to lose it entirely. “Jesus, can’t you find anyplace around here that can put some of us up?”“I really doubt it, sir.” The little Dutch boy got a sudden gleam in. Jason looked at the floor as Bobbyturned and went back into her room. He reemerged with Jason's clothes andthrew them at him. Jason picked them up and looked at them. Elizabeth sneered at him and remarked, "You may put those clothes on,maid." "Thank you, Madame," Jason managed to respond with some effort. Jason stripped and dressed in his clothes as Bobby and Elizabeth finishedputting their own clothes on. Jason was called into her room and wasrelieved to be allowed to use Elizabeth's bathroom. Inquisitively, he raised his head to follow the chopper with his eyes. Noticing Peter’s un-stated query the surgeon explained. ‘Don’t be shocked Peter. The chopper’s gone to collect a friend, a plastic surgeon to help. By the time we’re finished, as I said, she will be your Jennifer once more.’ With a pat on his shoulder, the surgeon turned and walked back inside. Against the hospital fence was Peter’s bike with his helmet on the seat. Wearily he mounted it and rode to Deep Springs where. "Darling, don't you think I make a great Marie Antoinette? Here let meput this sash on and here are your gloves. Come, come we don't want to belate to the ball," she gushed. Harold's satin sash said, "Miss New Year's2012."The party was held at Mrs. Dalmatian's house. They were very well to doand had a ball room in their immense house. Harold received a lot ofattention at first but once the novelty died down was left pretty muchalone. His humiliation was anywhere but over as he found himself.
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