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She wasn't attached to where she lived before much anyway so she couldn't really be upset at her loss, she didn't like to dwell on the past either not...that she liked where she had been in her life anyway. It seemed she would just have to find her way on her own now to survive, and, the only sign of civilization she saw anywhere was the tower about a half-mile away.With that, she started walking it's not like she had much of a choice anyway. It was starting to get dark and she didn't want to be. We were introduced, then Walter sat down and took out a few joints and a couple of bottles of Rush. Our host poured him a glass of Scotch, his favorite drink. I had one, too. He told me to come over and sit on the couch next to him, and of course I jumped at the invitation. He told me to stand in front of him and turn around slowly, and he told me what a nice ass I had, and felt it up. My cock started tingling. I sat down next to him, and our host put in a VHS porn tape (this WAS the early. You then walk through another door this is another reception style area, of this is the single guys changing room, entrance to the Jacuzzi’s and the stairs to the next floor where the couple change and other rooms. On the 1 st floor landing turning left you walk along a corridor that has several rooms that are lockable should you require it, these are fitted with raised cushion areas on three sides, past these is a curtain on your right inside here is a one way window into. They began to speed up and my own orgasm began to build and grow and I exploded first before they did this was my meal that the h'ordeuvres had promised earlier. My orgasm caused me to squeeze tight on Alans cock and he quickly spurted inside of me, plastering my vaginal walls and hitting the mouth of my womb and as he shrunk and slipped out of me, Laurie speeded up and shot deep and hard inside, filling my bowels.“Oh god, thank you” I said as they let me slide to the floor onto my knees. I.
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