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I was so nervous.Sitting in my desk, he stood next to me to explain a math problem. I didn’t hear a word he said, all I could hear was my heart beat...and I felt light headed and weak. I moved my elbow over and let it brush against his crotch. I thought I could explain it away as a simple accident if he objected, but then again maybe he wouldn’t! He pulled away quickly, backing away from my desk, without saying a word about it. I kept my elbow there. When he moved closer and I felt the material. "Walter, get the door, will you?" he commanded. "Oh, and tell Elaine she can go get lunch now." He turned back to me. "We don't want to be disturbed for a little, now, do we?"I moved one side as the other man walked by me and spoke to the ... secretary? ... in the anteroom. So this was Walter. The asshole who'd run down Susan, who'd tried his best to stab me to death, then shoot me as well. He matched her description exactly, down to especially the deep-set piercing eyes that surveyed me. " Hecate's third face croaked. She turned her gaze directly upon Arion, who remained on the floor, never daring to look up. "You really do love her, don't you, Spartan?" "Yes, my lady," he whispered. Arion's voice, usually so strong and rich, was now quiet and timid. But he never hesitated to answer; not for a moment. "I love Lena with every fiber of my being and with every ounce of my soul." "How sweet," she crooned. The crone's voice dripped with venom. "You love her. So much so that you were. .those were his actual words and I'll never forget them to this day.Still panicked, I didn't say anything at all and when I glanced over at him, his eyes were still closed. I went ahead and opened my mouth again, realizing that dad knew what I had been doing, so was he going to kill me, or cum in my mouth? I didn't know so I lowered my mouth over his big cock and let me tongue explore every inch of it. I cupped his balls in one hand and then, moved my head up and down over his cock, letting my.
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