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Locked in a primeval impregnation although, Jon couldn't quite work out just how they had managed to lock in this particular position.It was the dog first noticed him. It looked at Jon and whimpered a little as it looked at him piteously. Jon was shocked at the sight, but he almost laughed out loud when April noticed him and in her shock, shoved her self backwards, expelling the dogs cock and fluids with a loud pop and gush that missed the prepared towel, laid on the floor.The dog, now. She had been told of the huge scar on his leg, and how it had come to be, and agreed that it was VERY lucky that he hadn't lost it. She could still see a bit of the pallor from being in the hospital that was quickly, according to Sue and their Mom, fading. He spent much time outdoors, and WITHOUT a shirt, if the weather permitted. She openly admired his wide shoulders, his deep chest, and his bulging muscles. She thought, that it would be a BIG mistake to make him mad enough to hit someone. Her. I was mesmerized and staring at it while blocking her way to enter… She craned her head sideways and made it clear that she noticed that my wife’s door was closed… And then when i saw her face, i saw an incredible look of pure lust and naughty desire written all over it.She pressed her hands against her hips and thrust her breasts forward and asked – “kya dekh rahe ho sahab, andar nahi aane doge aap?” and she smiled seductively. I moved to the side and she had to squeeze in thru the narrow. “Aurelia, you look…”, at which point she took over, “well I thought I should dress up for the event!”. “Now”, she continued”, “I can’t lock you up like that, take off the robe and anything underneath”. I obeyed immediately, at which she smiled. “Good boy, now come and kneel in front of me”.I found myself kneeling, with me cock in a chastity cage about to be locked, in front of what can only be described as a Goddess. Not only in terms of her undeniable beauty, but her charm, her success, and.
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