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This also meant the painting went quickly as there were no posing breaks needed. Despite being able to paint quickly, it was still well after midnight...before Debbie finished painting the forbidden contact between Meagan and Peter."This is the hottest thing you've ever painted Mrs. D." Peter proclaimed."I think you have a distorted view," Debbie responded, but it was clear she was proud of the work as well. "I have to get this out of the house. I can't risk Meagan seeing this. Peter, can you. Spit it out. What’s going on?”She still hesitated.“Come on, tell me what is going on. What changes did I make?”“Almost none.”“Almost? Don’t make me drag out every syllable. Can’t you simply tell me what happened in plain terms?”“You’re not going to like it.”“Now you have me intrigued. Did I affect my own time line?”“I’m afraid so. Are you sure you want to hear this now?”“Will it get any better if I wait?”“No.”“Then get on with it, please.”“All right. You asked for it. Remember those patents you. .." What the hell. I might as well tell him. I look him straight in the eye and respond, "I was thinking of you, sir."At this proclamation, his eyebrow raises. "The next class will be here soon. I would suggest you get going." Disappointed, I get up and walk away, not looking back. I don't notice him staring at my ass sway while I walk off.Later, that evening, I'm checking my email when I notice one from him, to me - not the entire class. Hoping, I open the message. It says to meet him that. I stood up and said,” This man is serving us nicely, he deserved tip.” I walked to other room and came back with Boss’ wallet took out a five hundred rupees note and gave it to attendant and asked,” Aren’t we a sexy couple?” Main poori nangi uski samne khadi thi. He smiled and said,” Certainly yes, Mam” and went out.Boss came and held me from back. His cock was moving around my butts, his hands were pressing by boobs and tongue was licking my cheeks and ear. His one hand slipped down and.
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