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She was around 5'6 and a slim well toned body.Superb assets 34D,her cup size,even her ass was perfect,just the way it should be,not too big,not too sm...ll,just the correct size.Her name was Anita,newly wedded.any girl/lady in Bangalore/Pune who wants to have safe and secret sex/affair can contact me on , this is a true story.please ignore the mistakesNow to begin with-I was late for the exam as there is always more traffic b/w 8-11am,i entered the hall and found my table,luckily i got the last. A few minutes another man who I’d seen at the wedding, joined me and we were chatting away as he moaned on about his wife acting like a slapper as she was getting drunker. After a few more minutes I said I was going and he looked at me and said “If you want” as his hand touched my knee.I looked at him and said “What room are you in?” “233” “maybe” and I walked away, as I looked behind me I saw him walking towards the stairs. I got back to my room and the wife was snoring away, waiting and. He kinda walked funny, but he made it back to the trailer.Now the second friend, well he was a "touchie" Which I very much enjoyed. Never have I felt such smooth fingers rubbing my cunny over and over so gentle, I wet over and over. He was so nice, he even rubbed my wetness under my nose, and let me lick his other finger clean. I loved it so much, I almost forgot to collect the money before he left.Now for the rest of the afternoon, it was one friend after another, and I was very pleased. She thought about how she would introduce Daryl to her pussy so he could get used to her wetness and scent. She knew she had a smell down there like the book said.Would he be repulsed or would he accept her? Daryl now had a complete and needy erection. Though he felt that she must be able to see it, he wasn’t embarrassed this time, and in fact, he moved his hand down to adjust it when she was looking at him. She saw this, snuggled up tighter and moved her hand down to gently rub him while they.
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