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"You are the first man to treat me like a real women and was caring about my feelings and making sure I climax," she added. Then she told me that I wa... the first person she ever had anal sex with because she had always been afraid, but she knew I would treat her right.Then Monica asked me how many women I had been with before her. I told her that I had been with several when I was younger then I got married and was faithful to my wife, except for one time with her sister. After I was divorced,. "Let's dance," Jordan said pulling Angel up out of her chair and leading her out onto the dance floor. He could see the conversation was making her uncomfortable. When they reached the dance floor he put his arms around her and pulled her close.She held onto his warm body and leaned against him with her eyes closed, "My butt still hurts from last night," she said after they had been slow dancing for awhile.Jordan wanted to rub her bottom right then and there on the spot, but he knew it wasn't a. I don't want to have sex with anyone right now. I'm a bit confused about my feelings.”Dani pulled me to her hands still together, “We could go inside and sit and talk. Maybe kiss if you're up for that. I think you're adorable, but I don't want to scare you away. It's all up to you, sweetie.”I blushed once again, "We could do that. Just kissing is fine. I don't want to lead you on at all. But I like you, Dani."She smiled, pulling my hands to her and back around her. She leaned down and kissed. I quickly slipped two fingers deep inside of her, massaging upward. I then slid in a third. I worked her inner spot slow, and then fast. The witness started to fill my palm. Her back began to arch as I let her know she had some lovers watching. In a gentle voice I said, "It's time to cum." My fingers began to work fast and my palm slapped against her clit as the orgasm she'd been holding inside took over. Her legs trembled as my fingers hooked deep inside her and my hand shook her lower body up.
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