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Sara Had To Think Fast Though. She Went Into Her Bathroom With Her Purple Dildo. As She Began Pumping The Dildo In And Out Of Her She Let Out A Long...Moan. She Heard Jake Say Something To Tommy. Sara Got Completely Naked. She Heard Tommy And Jake Walk In Through His Bathroom Door. She Faced The Opposite Way From The Door Into Her Bathroom. She Heard The Door Crack And A Gasp From Tommy And Jake. Sara Then Heard Pants Unzip And The Sound Of Slapping. She Knew That The Slapping Was Either. Slowly he sat next to her on the sofa and took her hand.“Okay, relax,” and with both his hands holding hers hand he started to explain, “ you see at first I just wanted to be Alice’s friend but it turned into more and now I realize I love her and I will do whatever it takes to make her happy and keep her safe. She seems to have found a new set of feelings and accompanying emotions since you and her had sex. I think she likes what she got from you with regards to sexual satisfaction but she. You are stunning.”I smiled. “Thank you, Suh. Ih’m just a simple Southern girl.” I laid a thick Southern accent on. I grinned wider.His grin was wide. “I think you just might be the belle of the ball if we were dancing.”The Prince said, “I am honored to escort her, particularly tonight.”I nodded. He held his arm out properly and I put my hand on his arm. We walked into the dining area. The Prince did clean up well. He also was wearing a wide red sash across his chest. Fortunately, we didn’t. Because I've shaved my pussy clean since I started to grow hair between my legs, my bikini lines didn't show, and the skimpy strip of string-cloth between my legs concealed very little. I purposely kept my legs parted enough so he could see all the way up. It aroused me immensely knowing that Clark could see the outline of my hairless little cunt; I was excited to show it off to him.I lay in the most subtly seductive poses I could think of, without being too obvious. It wasn't hard to notice.
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